1. Primitive divisors of elliptic divisiblity sequences over function fields with constant j-invariant, with Marco Streng, in preparation
  2. On realisations of weight 0 hypergeometric motives of small degrees, in preparation (with Magma package)
  3. The generalized Fermat equation with exponents 2, 3, n, with Nuno Freitas and Michael Stoll (preprint), submitted. See also a poster for STEM for Britain
  4. Mordell-Weil ranks of families of elliptic curves parametrized by binary quadratic forms, submitted (preprint)
  1. Enchained in Markov chains in Proceedings of 12th International Workshop for Young Mathematicians "Probability Theory and Statistics" , Kraków, Poland, 2009
  2. Elliptic curves cryptography in Proceedings of 11th International Workshop for Young Mathematicians "Number Theory", Kraków, Poland, 2008
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