Conferences and Schools

Name Dates Place Link
DMV-PTM Joint Meeting 2014 17-20.09.2014 Poznań, Poland Webpage
Sesja tematyczna: Geometria Arytmetyczna i Teoria Liczb 10-11.09.2015 6 Forum Matematyków Polskich, Warszawa, Poland Webpage
Thematic session:Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry 17-20.09.2018 UMI-SIMAI-PTM Joint Meeting, Wrocław, Poland Webpage
Name Dates Place Link
Clay Summer School 2009 15.06.09-10.07.09 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA School site
Shimura Varieties and L-functions 19.10.09-24.10.09 Barcelona, Spain School site
Arithmetic Geometry for Function Fields of Positive Characteristic 22.02.10-05.03.10 Barcelona, Spain School site
Advanced Courses on Modularity 14.06.10-25.06.10 Barcelona, Spain School site
MSRI Arithmetic Statistics: Connections for Women 27.01.11-28.01.11 Berkeley, California, USA Conference site
MSRI Arithmetic Statistics: Introductory Workshop 31.01.11-04.02.11 Berkeley, California, USA Workshop site
School and Conference on Modular Forms and Mock Modular Forms and their Applications in Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics 07.03.11-11.03.11 Trieste, Italy School site
Spring School on higher dimensional class field theory 14.03.11-18.03.11 Mainz, Germany School site
Abelian Varieties & Galois Actions 6.06.11-8.06.11 Poznan, Poland Conference site
Summer School and Conference “Computations with Modular Forms 2011” 29.08.11-08.09.11 Heidelberg, Germany School and conference site
PhD school: Modular Galois representations modulo prime powers. 6-9.12.11 Copenhagen, Denmark School site
Winter School on Galois Theory 15-24.02.12 Luxembourg Webpage
Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry 28.06-1.07.12 Kraków, Poland Webpage
6th European Congress of Mathematics 2-7.07.12 Kraków, Poland Webpage
Explicit Methods for Modular Forms 18-22.03.13 Warwick, UK Webpage
Workshop on Galois representations modulo prime powers 17-21.06.2013 Luxembourg Webpage
Journées Arithmétiques 2013 1 - 5.07.2013 Grenoble, France Webpage
Sage Days: Algorithms in Arithmetic Geometry 22-26.07.2013 Leiden, Netherlands Webpage
5 Forum Matematyków Polskich 16-20.09.2013 Rzeszów, Polska Webpage
Kosmos Summer School: MZV in Mathematics and Physics 1-5.10.2013 Berlin, Germany Webpage
Alant 2014 8-13.06.2014 Będlewo, Poland Webpage
DMV-PTM Joint Meeting 17-20.09.2014 Poznan, Poland Webpage
Workshop on Galois representations 19-21.11.2014 Luxembourg Webpage
Rational Points 2015 28.06-05.07.2015 Schloss Schney, Germany Webpage
Jahrestagung SPP 1489 28.09-02.10.2015 Osnabrück, Germany Webpage
Workshop on Modern Applied Mathematics PK 2015 20-22.11.2015 Kraków, Poland Webpage
British Mathematical Colloqium 21-24.03.2016 Bristol, UK Webpage
Explicit Methods in Number Theory: Conference in Honour of John Cremona's 60th Birthday 4-8.04.2016 Warwick, UK Webpage
LMFDB Workshop 09-13.05.2016 San Jose, California Webpage
Arithmetic statistics and the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics 27.06-01.07.2016 Warwick, UK Webpage
Recent Developments on Elliptic Curves 26.09 - 30.09.2016 Oxford, UK Webpage
New Trends in Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Surfaces 12.03 - 17.03.2017 Banff, Canada Webpage
Modular forms are everywhere 15.05 - 26.05.2017 Bonn, Germany Webpage
Workshop on Algorithms in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry 31.07-04.08.2017 Leiden, Netherlands Webpage
Workshop “Arithmetic of Hyperelliptic Curves” 04.09-08.09.2017 Trieste, Italy Webpage
20th International Workshop for Young Mathematicians “Number Theory” 17.09-23.09.2017 Kraków, Poland Webpage